The Spaniards Room

The Spaniards “Room” Heritage Home is located in Spaniard’s Bay , Newfoundland, Canada.  Designated and Registered as The Mark Gosse Residence, the house is considered both historically and architecturally significant by The Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Foundation and Canada’s Historic Places.

The Mark Gosse Residence was built circa 1901.   During the Victorian era, and Napoleon the 3rd’s reign, the Second Empire design became popular in France.  Modeled from this architectural design The Spaniards “Room” maintains most all the decorative elements and grandeur of a typical wealthy out-port  merchant family home.

The Spaniards “Room” Heritage Home has been operated by Greg Miller since 2004. Realizing a dream of owning a historic property along the coastline of out port Newfoundland has been challenging and rewarding.

Visitors from around the world have had the pleasure of staying at The Spaniards “Room” where they are greeted by experienced hosts, provided comfortable and welcoming accommodations and served a delicious breakfast. Moving forward, visitors can look to The Spaniards “Room” for a complete destination package.

Enjoy comfortable accommodations decorated with period furnishings; Reserve a private dinner and enjoy a finer menu with the ambiance of a wood burning fireplace; Indulge in a therapeutic or relaxation treatment session or get in a quick workout in the Therapy and Fitness Studio. Come and enjoy a unique experience; A perfect blend of services; A small part of history; A place to Relax - Restore - Rejuvenate.